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RSO is a full spectrum extract of cannabis oil is. It is a highly concentrated cannabis oil that contains all cannabis plant in the extraction

Benzyl Methyl Ketone Oil

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BMK Glycidate-Oil

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BMK Oil(Benzyl Methyl Ketone) is a chemical compound of the C6H5CH2COCH3 formule.

The bmk oil is colorless and solvent-soluble.
This substance is commonly known as P2P in the production of methamphetamine and amphetamine.
In the US, it was declared a controlled substance of Schedule II in 1980 because of illegal uses in clandestine chemistry.
In humans, phenylacetone occurs through FMO3-mediated oxidative deamination as a metabolite of amphetamine and methamphetamine.

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A-Oil-Amphetamine-Oil, A-oil , Amphetamine oil, N-formylamphetamine oil,


Amphetamine oil (A-oil) is used in one reaction of a pot to synthesize amphetamine, but it is difficult to isolate and clean the drug. When heated with formic acid, N-formylamphetamine forms a mixture of phenylactone and formamphetamide which produces amphetamine hydrochloride in hydrolysis.


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RSO is an odorless and viscous cannabis concentrate that’s densely packed with phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD. While there are many cannabis concentrates on the market, RSO is unique in how it’s consumed. Here’s why RSO may be a good fit for your cannabis consumption goals:

  • Activated cannabinoids: Unlike other concentrates which require heat to activate, RSO does not need heat. Other types of concentrates contain the acidic forms of cannabinoids (such as THCA or CBDA) and must be heated and inhaled[1]. The phytocannabinoids contained within are already activated, so you don’t need a blowtorch or electronic vaporizer to consume this concentrate.
  • Flexibility: You can put RSO into food in addition to eating it plain or allowing it to absorb in your mouth.
  • Potent: RSO contains high levels of THC and CBD in varying ratios. High THC RSO could contain up to 90% THC, while high CBD RSO could contain more than 60% CBD. Balanced RSO is also available to consumers who want both phytocannabinoids. For example, this Cresco Harlequin 1:1 RSO Syringe contains 36% THC and 41% CBD. 

Although RSO is strong, easy to use, and portable, it may not be the right fit for everyone. You may want to try other products if these points are of issue to you:

  • Taste: Some find RSO’s strong flavor to be unpleasant. This is because RSO retains more plant material than other concentrates, lending to a bitter or grassy taste. However, mixing RSO with food or drink could mask the flavor.
  • Too potent: RSO is so strong that it can be easy to accidentally take too much. Measuring out an amount as small as a grain of rice can be cumbersome for some, and the viscous liquid is difficult to place back into the syringe if too much comes out. Always be careful when dispensing RSO.


Rick Simpson cannabis oil is a type of hemp oil formulated by medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson. After discovering the healing powers of cannabis oil and curing himself of his metastatic skin cancerin 2003, Rick Simpson decided to share his knowledge.

The Medicinal Power of Cannabis
Used as a treatment for cancer and a range of other ailments, the oil is called Rick Simpson Cannabis oil and Rick Simpson hemp oil. The oil capitalizes on the healing powers of the cannabis plant, parts of which have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The oil is one the most effective modern-day curative products derived from the cannabis plant

you cannot only learn to make the oil yourself, but easily buy ready-to-use cannabis oil at the best prices.

Rick Simpson Oil Recipe
Many people are looking for the Rick Simpson oil recipe to create the cure for cancer and many other conditions.Below isthe procedure for making Rick Simpson cannabis oil. You can follow the instructions but keep in mind that legally finding the cannabis plant and its fiber (hemp) is quite difficult. This is why we provide both the Rick Simpson oil recipe and the oil itself to start using it right out of the bottle.

How to Make Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil

Important: Be VERY careful when you boil the solvent. Don’t use stove-tops or red-hot heating elements. Also,avoid sparks, smoking and make sure that you use a fan to ward off fumes from the pot. The entire process should be done in a well-ventilated area.

1. Put the fully dried plant in a plastic container.

2. Use a solvent (ether, pure naphtha, butane, 99% is opropyl alcohol or water) to moisten the material.For one pound of material,you will need two gallons of solvent. For 1 oz., 500ml is enough.

3. Use a clean wooden (untreated) stick to crush the plant.Another similar tool can also be used.

4. Completely soak the plant material with the solvent while continuing the crushing.Stir the mixture for three minutes.

5. Pour the mixture into another container.

6. Add more solvent to the mixture and then stir for more three minutes.

7. Pour this solvent oil mixture into the bucket.



RSO was originally created to be used as a topical. Rick Simpson applied this activated concentrate directly to areas of concern on his skin. Today, patients use RSO in a variety of ways, including topically, orally by itself or mixed with food, and sublingually. 

The most straightforward way to use RSO is to ingest it directly. Uncap the syringe and place a small amount on a spoon, toothpick, or directly into your mouth. While it’s being eaten, RSO often ends up making its way into your system biphasically, or in two ways: first through your mouth membranes sublingually, and second through your digestive system. 

In sublingual consumption, the compounds bypass digestion and more quickly enter your bloodstream, taking effect almost immediately. Any RSO left in your mouth that’s swallowed, or RSO that’s placed in food, is digested before the phytocannabinoids enter the bloodstream and get to work.

You may feel differently if you ingest RSO instead of allowing it to absorb through your mouth. That’s because when RSO is digested, the delta-9 THC is converted in significant amounts to a compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is more intoxicating than its precursor. Researchers found that 11-Hydroxy-THC takes effect more quickly and provides a more intense experience than delta-9 THC. As a result, even though some RSO contains lower THC amounts than other types of concentrates, the experience might be subjectively more intense. 

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