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Captagon powder for sale the brand name for the artificial stimulant fenethylline is Captagon. Fenethylline functions as a prodrug to both theophylline and amphetamine, which it is a codrug of. Other names for it include amphetamin oethyl theophylline and amfetyline; it is also known by the spellings phenethylline and fenetylline.

Online Captagon Powder also know as Fenethylline  functions as a prodrug to both theophylline and amphetamine and is a codrug of both substances. Other names for it include amphetamin oethyl theophylline and amfetyline.  It is printed as phenethylline and fenethylline .

Captagon was marketed as Fitton, Biocapton, and Captagon and was primarily used as a psychostimulant.

In 1961, captagon was created as an amphetamine substitute. More specifically, methamphetamine was utilized in those days to treat exhaustion, narcolepsy, and the behavioral condition known as “minimal brain dysfunction.” Dexamphetamine was already being used by the military to “increase courage and bravado” and to help soldiers stay awake for longer periods of time. An allegedly milder form of this medication was called Captagon.

However, by the 1980s, the American government had classified it to be a restricted chemical with no known medical applications. In the 1980s, the drug’s production came to an end.

The production of illicit Captagon has nevertheless continued. Additionally, it has increased recently, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. According to certain sources, Captagon is one of the most often used recreational.

Extremist organizations like ISIS have utilized fenethylline hydrochloride (Captagon), which is broken down into amphetamine and theophylline, to induce euphoria and boost attentiveness. 6 The chewing of khat, a naturally occurring stimulant made from the leaves of the Catha edulis Forsk plant, has a long tradition and is common in Yemen and East Africa. However, khat is outlawed in certain nations, including the United Kingdom and the United States. 7 Khat users also reported feeling euphoric, attentive, and more self-assured among other effects.

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