CBD powder for sale

CBD Powder For Sale

CBD Isolate is a crystalline, flavorless CBD powder that is over 99% pure. All of the hemp plant matter, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, has been removed from the isolate. The high level of purity permits extremely accurate dosing. Lacking any flavor of its own, CBD isolate can be easily added to products without altering their existing flavor profiles.

CBD  Product Specifications

Cannabinoid profile: ≥ 99% CBD
Minor Cannabinoid Content: No Minors
Finished Product Compatibility: Water-Based & Oil-Based Formulations
What does it look like?: Clear, white, or lightly off-white, crystalline powder
What is its consistency? : Fine-Coarse Powdered Crystal
Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Weight: 314.5

More About CBD Isolate

CBD isolate powder was one of the first types of non-intoxicating hemp extract, produced by cannabidiol pioneers who sought methods for entirely removing THC. These days, many extracts are THC-free, but retain other beneficial constituents of hemp. Price, ease of dosing, and versatility make bulk CBD isolate highly desirable for a variety of applications.

Wholesale CBD Isolate is one of the most cost-effective cannabinoids on the market and is suitable for use in nearly all CBD consumer products. Our bulk CBD isolate does not contain any minor cannabinoids in its profile, making it suitable for applications where CBD content and ease of dosing are paramount.

Many retail brands buy bulk CBD isolate because it’s one of the easiest cannabinoid products to use for formulating finished products. Consisting of 99%+ pure CBD crystals, CBD isolate is a nearly homogenous extract that does not contain any of the extraneous or undesirable components of CBD-rich hemp extract. Levels of THC in CBD isolate are undetectable, making it a popular choice for a broad array of applications.

While CBD isolate takes on a crystalline form during extraction, these crystals are usually processed into powder before use. Wholesale CBD isolate powder is white or off-white in appearance. It is both flavorless and odorless because it does not contain the terpenes and flavonoids that give hemp extract its unique taste and aroma.

Since CBD powder for sale is nearly homogenous, it’s easy to determine exact dosing when formulating this bulk cannabinoid ingredient into wholesale finished products. As a non-viscous crystal or powder, CBD isolate is also remarkably easy to manipulate, and combine with other ingredients.

Due to its many favorable attributes, bulk CBD isolate is easy to add to practically any type of  product formulation. It’s also possible to combine CBD isolate with other isolated or distilled cannabinoid extracts to augment their properties in a finished product.

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