Khat Qat Edulis Catha

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Khat is a natural herbal stimulant consisting of the leaves and shoots of the shrub Catha Edulis. Chewing Khat causes increased levels of energy, concentration, alertness, self-esteem, talkativeness, friendliness, sensations of elation, enhanced imaginative ability and capacity to associate ideas

History As far back as the sixth century Khat has been traditionally used as a stimulant and socializing drug in eastern Africa the home of coffee and the Arabian Peninsula and throughout the Middle East, there chewing Khat predates the use of coffee. Khat is bought and chewed in special places called Mafreshi. In Yemen, where legend has it the first Catha Edulis tree was brought from Ethiopia by a Sufi mystic in 1429, roughly two thirds of the arable land there is devoted to Khat plantations.

Khat Edulis Catha

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Khat (Catha edulis, edible khat) is a very popular, legal recreational drug in Africa and in the Arab world.
Catha edulis is a flowering plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Qat Khat Edulis Catha For Sale

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Recreational consumption of khat, khat chewing, is a traditional activity dating back thousands of years and is an accepted part of the mainstream culture.Buy Khat plant Online

Khat is a plant. The leaf and stem are used as a recreational drug and as medicine.

As a recreational drug, the leaves and stem are chewed by people in East Africa and the Arabian countries to elevate mood (as a euphoriant).

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As a medicine, khat leaf is used for diabetes, muscle strength, depression, fatigue, obesity, stomach ulcers, headache, and male infertility. It is also used to lower the need for food and sleep, decrease sexual desires, improve the ability to study, and increase aggression.Buy Khat plant Online

The renowned Mismar Khat 100% natural herbal social stimulant and aphrodisiac. The well known Mismar Khat a natural herbal stimulant used for generations in Africa. Mismar Khat from Ethiopia is very stimulating and enlivening giving you the energy you need for a hard day and very useful for socializing.  This renowned variant of the herb Catha Edulis (latin name) provides mental clarity and loquacity can be on its way to you wrapped in banana leaves and super fresh. 650g

Khat is an amphetamine like psychostimulant chewed by over 10 million people globally. Khat use is thought to increase the risk of psychosis among its chewers. The evidence around this however remains inconclusive stemming from the scanty number of studies in this area and small study sample sizes. We undertook a large household survey to determine the association between psychotic symptoms and khat chewing in a rural khat growing and chewing population in Kenya. Buy Khat plant Online


For this cross-sectional household survey, we randomly selected 831 participants aged 10 years and above residing in the Eastern region of Kenya. We used the psychosis screening questionnaire (PSQ) to collect information on psychotic symptoms and a researcher designed sociodemographic and clinical questionnaire to collect information on its risk factors. We used descriptive analysis to describe the burden of khat chewing and other substance use as well as rates and types of psychotic symptoms. Using a univariate and multivariate analyses with 95% confidence interval, we estimated the association between khat chewing and specific psychotic symptoms.

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