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Rohypnol is the common and brand name for Flunitrazepam, a benzodiazepine sometimes used in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Sought after effects

  • Relaxing, sleepy
  • Reduced anxiety
Undesired effects

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Deep and intense memory loss
  • Complete loss of movement and lack of coordination, potentially leaving users very vulnerable
What does it look like?Usually come in tablet form. I mg in the UK being green, film coated marked ‘542’ oval and centrally scored (previously scored purple rhomboids). Non-water soluble. Some non-UK sources can be 2mg, white and medium-small, quartered and more soluble in water. This was the probably the derivation of the ‘date-rape’ reputation.

How is it taken?Swallowed: tablets are swallowed, in ‘spiking’ they are crushed and added to drink, usually alcohol.

Other Names: Roofies , R2, Roofinol, Rope, Rophies, Forget me pill,

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